Father Caillon (left) said, “An order came from Rome, obliging everyone to say and think: ‘The Consecration is done. The Pope [John Paul II] having done all that he can, Heaven has deigned to agree to this gesture.’”

It was around this time, 1988-1989, that many Fatima Apostolates who had insisted that the Consecration of Russia had not been done suddenly began asserting that the 1984 consecration fulfilled the desires of Heaven (see pages 112 and 354-355).

Chapter 11

Muzzling and Hiding the Witness

Few revelations have been as unconvincing as the Vatican’s version of the Third Secret of Fatima. Those who thought, or hoped, that publication of the vision of the “Bishop dressed in white” and the commentary in the CDF’s The Message of Fatima (TMF) ended matters were probably surprised by the tumult that followed. There should be no surprise, however. For over forty years nearly every tactic—silence, intimidation, bad theology, disinformation—has been used to bury the real Message of Fatima. Among these tactics: the imposition of silence on Sister Lucy for forty-five years; the suppression of Father Alonso’s 5,396 documents on Fatima; a virtual campaign by the Vatican Secretary of State to prevent public events promoting the authentic Fatima Message, including baseless threats of suspension and even excommunication directed at Father Nicholas Gruner, the most successful and determined public advocate for Fatima; and the promotion of Fatima “experts” who distort and falsify the Message in order to conform it to the Vatican Party Line that “Fatima belongs to the past.”