Photo from Paris-Match magazine in 1958, showing the wooden safe in the papal apartment of Pius XII in which a text of the Third Secret was safeguarded. The text in this safe was not the text in the Holy Office archives.

The Third Secret ...
Not Fully Revealed
The Third Secret
of Fatima (History)
The "etc.": A Prediction
of Apostasy
The Third Secret:
Two Distinct Texts

Chapter 13

The Third Secret Consists of
Two Distinct Texts

Even before the “breakthrough” year of 2006 and the rapid-fire series of events that have followed since, knowledgeable Catholics the world over simply did not believe that a wordless and rather obscure vision of “a Bishop dressed in White” could be all there was to a secret the Vatican had kept under lock and key for forty years. When Mother Angelica declared on live TV in 2001 that “we didn’t get the whole thing,” she was expressing the conviction of millions of Catholics that there had to be another text, a companion to the vision which tells us how and why a Pope comes to be executed by soldiers outside a half-ruined city filled with cadavers...