The statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which was carved according to the descriptions of the three child seers, is carried in procession on May 13th to the delight and joy of hundreds of thousands of devoted pilgrims who fill the plaza. Seen above is a picture of the procession and, in the background, the Fatima Basilica.

Chapter 18

What Can Be Done in the Meantime?

The Petition to the Pope set forth in the next and final chapter of this book is an important step in a program for obtaining the Church’s obedience to the Message of Fatima and ending the crisis in the Church. But, of course, unless there be raised up a groundswell of many people, maybe even millions of people, speaking out as well as writing against the anti-Fatima forces in the Vatican, there is no guarantee that the men who surround the Pope will allow him to read any petition from the faithful. Nevertheless, in the meantime we must still deal with the crisis on our own. Until the Pope takes definitive actions to carry out the imperatives of the Fatima Message, we must deal with the crisis as best we can according to our stations in life. We recall here Cardinal Newman’s description of the state of the Church during the Arian crisis: ...