The first chapel of Our Lady of Fatima built on the exact spot where Our Lady appeared. It was dynamited by anti-Catholic forces in Portugal on March 6, 1922. The photograph above shows the hole in the roof from the explosion.

Providentially, the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which was normally housed in this chapel and is pictured on page IV of this photo section, was not in the chapel at the time.

Chapter 2

The long Opposition Begins

Even a cursory reading of the first two parts of the Great Secret in the Message of Fatima reveals that it is a heavenly challenge to the powers of the world, whose hold on even Catholic Portugal had been increasing since the beginning of the 20th Century.

Recalling the text of the Secret set forth in the first chapter, it is obvious that what Heaven has proposed therein would be anathema to the Masonic regime in Portugal, and indeed to all of the organized forces against the Church which, at the beginning of the last century, were plotting (by their own admission, as we shall see) a final assault upon the Catholic citadel...