Bishop da Silva was entrusted with the Third Secret of Fatima which contained the words of Our Lady. Her words followed the “etc” in the phrase “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.” Sister Lucy put in the “etc” to hold the place for the rest of Our Lady’s words. The words of Our Lady were written down by Sister Lucy under obedience to Bishop da Silva, placed in an envelope and delivered to the bishop on June 17, 1944. Bishop da Silva took Sister Lucy’s envelope containing Our Lady’s words in the Third Secret and placed that envelope into a larger envelope, on which he wrote:

         This envelope with its contents shall be entrusted to His Eminence, his Lordship Cardinal Don Manuel [Cerejeira], Patriarch of Lisbon, after my death. Leiria, December 8, 1945; † Jose, Bishop of Leiria.

The Third Secret ...
Not Fully Revealed

The Third Secret
of Fatima (History)

The Third Secret: A Most
Grave Warning for 1960

The "etc.": A Prediction
of Apostasy

Chapter 4

The Third Secret

Precisely as predicted by the Virgin in 1917, World War II had started during the reign of Pius XI. By 1943 Josef Stalin was well-practiced in liquidating Catholics and exporting world communism from Soviet Russia. In June of that same year, Sister Lucy, now age 36, had come down with pleurisy. This development greatly alarmed Bishop da Silva of Leiria-Fatima and Canon Galamba, his close friend and advisor. They both feared that Sister Lucy would die without writing down the Third Secret.