In his widely-acclaimed, insightful book Athanasius and the Church of Our Time published in 1974, Bishop Rudolph Graber, of Regensburg, Germany, a Professor of Theology since 1941 and consecrated a bishop in 1962, recounts the avowed aims of the Church’s enemies to destroy the Church through the means of an ecumenical Council.

          He quotes the excommunicated, revolutionary priest Canon Roca who foretold of a Council that would usher in a “new religion, new dogma, new ritual, new priesthood”. Bishop Graber also quotes the Masonic Rosicrucian Dr. Rudolph Steiner who declared in 1910, “We need a council and a Pope to proclaim it.”

          Bishop Graber, commenting on these predictions, remarks “A few years ago this was still inconceivable to us, but today...?”

  The "New Orientation"
of the Church

Chapter 5

A Motive Emerges

As we observed in the Introduction, the injustice against the Church and the world which this book aims to expose is the systematic attempt since 1960 to conceal, misrepresent and deny part or even all of the authentic Message of Fatima even as its alarming prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

We return to the question we posed in the Introduction: Why would men in the highest positions of authority in the Church take such actions? As Aristotle observed, in order to understand an action one must look to the motive. That is what we shall do in this chapter.