Pope Pius XII revealed that in the Message of Fatima Our Lady warned the Church against “the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and Her soul.” This is further explained on pages 36-37, 92-100, 104, 195 and 219-220.

Chapter 7

The Demolition of Bastions

No wonder the Church’s worst enemies have been so delighted with the Council and the radical changes it introduced. They are also no doubt quite pleased with the sudden and catastrophic ecclesial collapse in every department following Vatican II. Every available statistic shows that the unprecedented changes ushered in by Vatican II have been accompanied by equally unprecedented declines in the number of priests and religious, the number of new ordinations, the number of seminarians and the number of conversions and baptisms. Immediately after Vatican II some 50,000 priests defected, and in 2009 there remain approximately 50,000 fewer Catholic priests than there were forty-four years ago. In 1997 there were fewer baptisms in the United States than there were in 1970.