The Heart of the Matter (continued)

The vision of the bishop in white and the other bishops being killed by a band of soldiers which the Vatican released on June 26, 2000 is the prophecy of the kind of deaths awaiting the Pope and Vatican prelates who still now obstruct obedience to the Message of Fatima. Thus it is also in charity for them, to help save them, that this book continues to be published.

Some readers might be tempted to think that such type of Vatican prelates can''t really exist or be so stupid. That is why this book explains the various methods and motives of the opponents of Fatima, drawn from their own published words.

This book also teaches us that we are not mere spectators in this cosmic drama. We each have an essential role to play—one assigned to us by the Queen of Heaven Herself. The Devil''s Final Battle shows us what must be done and what we can do to avert these looming disasters before they progress beyond all human remedy.

Since the first publication of this book, and largely because of it, events have taken place that have moved us significantly closer to the end of this crisis. Almost 200,000 copies of The Devil's Final Battle were put into circulation and its arguments convinced people in all walks of life that Fatima is our only way out.

This latest edition incorporates crucial developments during the past 7 years that demonstrate several breakthroughs for the forces of truth.

The facts in this book incontrovertibly prove that the Vatican apparatus—starting at least with the Secretary of State—continues to hide the essential elements of the Third Secret of Fatima while claiming all has been released; continues to refuse to obey Our Lady''s and Our Lord''s command that the Pope and the Catholic bishops together consecrate specifically Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary while pretending that they have already obeyed.

This two-fold disobedience and deception is causing graces from God to be withheld—and will lead to the certain "annihilation of nations" in the near future and, if God allows it, to the Great Apostasy and the Apocalypse of One World Government with One World Religion under the Antichrist.

The Mother of God came to earth with our present circumstances clearly in view, and with the solicitude of a mother, She offered us a way out—the way chosen by God Himself for our time. That being the case, one cannot understand the state of the Church and the world today without understanding what happened at Fatima.

In the fulfillment of the Message of Fatima lies the end of the crises in the world and the Church. In the denial of that Message lies, in great measure, the origin and intensification of both.

The events at Fatima represent a heavenly focal point in the battle now raging for the Church and the world. Both the crisis in the Church and the crisis in the world center on the divine truths summed up with heavenly concision in the Fatima apparitions.